Ashley: Starburst Ring

Ashley: Starburst Ring

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Ashley (ASH-lee) :

Bold. Beautiful. Different. This ring isn't for the faint-hearted but for those that desire a shamelessly unique piece. This ring is prominent while still featuring delicate lines and details. The 2mm half round band supports a starburst embellished 8mm thick wall bezel setting. With a setting that is raised high enough to accommodate a partner band this ring is a fabulous option to pair with a wedding band or additional accent rings.

All rings are solid cast in precious metal. Metal options include either 925 sterling silver or 14k white, yellow or rose gold.

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All Inclusion Stones are handmade and cast using your desired inclusions. Inclusions are safely encapsulated within high-grade resin. It is your choice to leave inclusions as they are, reflecting their natural beauty, or to add various complimentary flecks and shimmers in order to attain a specific look or feel.

Each Inclusion Stone is hand cast using high-grade jewellers resin, which is formulated to protect against yellowing and assist in the long-term preservation of the quality of your piece.

As mentioned, all pieces are handmade and finished; therefore, pieces will have a hand-touched element. Small, fine bubbles and subtle mold lines on beads, pearls or stones may be visible although every effort is made to reduce or eliminate such occurrences. Understand that these subtleties are what give hand crafted objects their distinct personality and appeal.

*Please review the FAQ and Fleck +Shimmer Pages for additional information about all items crafted in my studio.

**Fleck + Shimmer selections as well as additional notes and item specific requirements will be available for selection once you have added this item to your cart.

***Refunds are not possible after purchase, so please, review all FAQ’s prior to purchasing.