Placenta Encapsulation

Safe. Respectful. Professional.

It is my mission to ensure the safest, most respectful and professional services possible for mothers seeking placenta encapsulation, and so, I aim to offer the highest quality service experience in our industry that clients can trust investing in, without hesitation.

I achieve this through providing professional, placenta only services via my dedicated purpose built placenta encapsulation space. Working from my dedicated space means the highest level of sanitation, proper preparation protocol and quality control is achieved, for each and every client I service.


  • APPA Certified (APPAC)

  • OSHA Compliant Blood Borne Pathogens Certified

  • Dedicated Purpose Built Placenta Encapsulation Space

  • Follow Strict Local Health Department Food Preparation and Safety Guidelines


What is Placenta Encapsulation?

Placenta Encapsulation is undergoing a new revival in western cultures and is a rapidly growing service being sought out by women who desire a more natural approach to their postpartum experience and 4th Trimester.

The placenta is a nutrient rich, temporary organ, composed of many healing chemicals. It plays a vital role between mother and fetus and its functions are complex. It contains amazing Oxytocin, Prolactin, Hemoglobin, and even Cortisone! Some view consuming one’s own placenta (placentophagy) as a way of celebrating the placenta’s significance both during pregnancy and postpartum. Opting to encapsulate over other known preparation methods allows you the opportunity to consume your placenta in a more discreet and palatable way.

Placenta Services


Placenta CApsules


Placenta Capsules are prepared in the Traditional Method which begins with gentle steaming, followed by dehydrating for 18+ hours at food safe temperatures prior to encapsulating. Your capsules are 100% your placenta with no additional add-ins.

  • Pick up and delivery included within Calgary city limits. (+$25 for Airdrie, Cochrane and Okotoks)

  • Quick turn around time (often sooner than 48 hours)

  • Dried Umbilical Cord Keepsake included if you wish


Placenta Tincture


Placenta Tincture is an ideal way to extend use of your placenta beyond the suggested 6 week consumption timeline that capsules offer. Placenta tincture is a High Proof alcohol tincture combined with your placenta. Placenta Tincture will store indefinitely. 

  • Your Placenta Tincture may be used several times a day, taking up to 40 drops a day


Placenta Print


Placenta prints are often sought after as a visual reminder of the home, you grew, that housed and sustained your baby during your pregnancy. All placentas are unique and different from the next and deserve to be honoured through visual art. 

  • Placenta Prints are done in an artistic approach

  • Completed on acid free archival watercolor paper and placed in a protective clear sleeve.


Placenta Keepsakes

$135 +

Commemorative Keepsake Jewellery is a wonderful way to keep those special moments in your life close. I offer a full collection of high quality, custom designed, precious metal jewellery pieces for you to choose from.

  • One capsule of your dried placenta or a small cutting of your umbilical cord will be kept to create your desired jewellery piece

  • All pieces are created using Sterling Silver or 14K gold and artist grade resin

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What does my APPA Certification mean for you? Click here to find out why being APPA Certified is unparalleled within this ever growing service industry and how it makes a difference for you. I take pride in being APPA Certified and knowing I have the most up to date and professional training available.