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Safe. Respectful. Professional.

Placenta Encapsulation


Placenta Encapsulation is undergoing a new revival in western cultures and is a rapidly growing service being sought out by women who desire a more natural approach to postpartum recovery and the multiple benefits that have been reported.

As a woman seeking professional services, knowing you're making an informed choice is important in receiving the postpartum care you desire and deserve.  As a dedicated Placenta Encapsulator who specializes in placenta only services for women in Calgary, AB and surrounding communities, you can feel confident and comfortable knowing you're hiring a trained and knowledgeable professional for the processing of this irreplaceable organ, your placenta. Processing your placenta in a safe, respectful and professional manner is my number one priority; it should be yours too


Keepsake Jewellery

Commemorative Keepsake Jewellery offers the ability to wear the stories that make up your life by turning your precious relics into tangible and meaningful keepsakes. You can choose to commemorate the connections you’ve made over your lifetime by transforming your experiences of joy, heartache and pleasure into beautiful works of art. These pieces can be openly shared on a daily basis with others, or worn discreetly to provide comfort. They are created with enduring inclusions; from ashes of a loved one or pet, first curl hair clippings or fur, tree of life placenta and umbilical cord, to bits of precious cloth or special flowers and even life giving breast milk. Connections are never lost, but carried with you.

Based out of Calgary, AB, Canada, my studio and works are proudly Canadian. I serve clients from coast to coast throughout North America. International inquiries are welcome on a case by case basis.


Hello Lovlies!


It's All About Connection.

Connections are what make us intrinsically human. For me, being connected to myself, those I love, my artistic expression and those who come into my life, even momentarily, is vital to who I am and what makes me happiest and most fulfilled.