Keepsake Jewellery FAQ

How much of each inclusion is needed to create my piece?

  • Placenta – 1 capsule

  • Umbilical Stump/Cord – 1cm piece

  • Flowers – 1 rose sized petal for crushed bits; 2 rose sized petals for a ground powder solid look

  • Soil/Sand – 1 tsp per piece

  • Cloth/Material – 1" x 1"

  • Hair - 2-4cm length about 1/4cm wide, gently bound or loose

  • Have a special request? Simply inquire and we can discuss your options and the material amounts required.

Can I place multiple inclusions in to one piece?

This answer is better reserved for individual inquiries. It simply depends on what your vision is and which inclusions you wish to combine into which particular piece. Please inquire before you order to avoid any possible disappointment. Some inclusion pairings simply aren’t possible and won’t be entertained as quality and final appearance is of the utmost importance to me. Luckily, many inclusion combinations are doable and look lovely together. Please don’t hesitate to ask.

I have a special inclusion request; can I discuss it with you?

Absolutely, I welcome all inquiries and will do whatever I can to accommodate your desires and vision.

How do I send my inclusions?

*All inclusions must be shipped already dried. If you require assistance on how best to dry an inclusion feel free to inquire and I can assist you.

Please opt to ship with Tracking so that if there is a delay in your package arriving it is easily traceable. 

All inclusions require labeling prior to shipping. Your name and order number can be written on masking tape then applied to each individually bagged inclusion. It is requested that inclusions be shipped in a bubble-lined mailer if they are delicate in nature such as breast milk, dried flowers or cremation ashes. Hair, cloth, placenta, umbilical stump and soil/sand can be sent in a standard envelope if so desired.

  • Placenta – your dried placenta capsule can easily be opened and the contents poured into a small ziplock bag. Sending in capsule form is discouraged as it could cause shipping challenges by being viewed in error as a medicinal compound. Please double bag and label.

  • Umbilical Stump/Cord – your dried umbilical stump can be placed into a small ziplock bag and labeled.

  • Flowers – are best shipped inside a small box then bagged and labeled accordingly within a bubble lined mailer due to their delicate nature and your desired effect within your gemstone. Preventing crushing is ideal in order to allow me the opportunity to self-select the portions for best results.

  • Soil/Sand – your dried soil or sand can be poured into a small ziplock bag, double bagged and labeled accordingly.

  • Cloth/Material – 1” x 1” is plenty for any of our designs. Please place your cloth or material into a ziplock bag and label it accordingly.

Have a special request? Simply inquire and we can discuss the most appropriate way to package and ship your inclusion.

Will you send back any unused inclusion materials to me?

Yes, every effort will be made to return any unused materials back to you if enough remains. All remaining cremation ashes will be returned, guaranteed. I do request that you only send the amounts listed above and never the entirety of what is in your possession, as not all remaining materials will be possible to return once processed. Unused breast milk will not be returned.

How is my jewellery made in your studio?

I thoughtfully and intentionally design all Marrow of My Soul creations and take great joy in being able to do so. I then partner with my close friend and industry Creative Director to convert my design visions into reality through the process of 3D CAD Rendering. All of my designs are then solid cast through a small, reputable and environmentally conscious Canadian casting house and are available in various precious metal choices. Metal choices include 925 Sterling Silver and 14K white, yellow and rose gold. Once pieces have been cast and arrive to my studio they are finished, polished and have their stones set by hand with love and close attention to detail and quality control. Your personal inclusion gemstones are created exclusively by me in my studio, one at a time. Special consideration is taken with each inclusion on how best to maximize its brilliance and personality. No two gemstones are ever the same, nor should they be. I create each piece with great respect and care from start to finish.

Will my piece look just like the piece I see displayed in your online shop?

Pieces displayed on my website, within my shop and across all of Marrow of My Soul's social media platforms are individual client pieces that have been shared with express permission. I do not guarantee the finished looked of any piece created in my studio and in fact, take joy in the wide variety and variances that occur from one piece to the next. The beauty of a custom, hand crafted piece of jewellery is the peace of mind that comes with knowing your piece is in fact unique to you and the specific inclusions you provide me with. Requests to have the same or similar flecks, shimmers and additives placed within your piece that you have seen within my gallery or media posts is of course doable, but understand no two pieces ever look just the same in spite of the same materials being used.

Why does the color of my inclusion in my stone look different from its original color?

Colour change to Inclusions can be noticeable and at times much different from their original, dried state. There are three reasons why your final stone or piece may appear differently than you expected. First, because resin is a wet medium to start, inclusions interact with it in the same way they would with water. Think about how water affects your hair or clothing when wet. It's the same scenario with your inclusions in resin. They will become deeper and richer. I find this effect adds lovely depth to pieces and enhances their overall expression. Second, adding flecks or shimmers will ultimately cause a color effect/shift, specifically with iridescent flecks.  As light passes through your stone or bead and hits these flecks, light is reflected throughout the stone, casting the color of the fleck across it. It's a lovely way to add soft hues to pieces without altering the actual color of the resin or inclusion. If you prefer your piece to look as close to natural as possible I suggest opting out of adding flecks and only adding a light amount of complimentary shimmer if desired. Third, your metal choice has a large impact on the final look of your jewellery piece and stone or bead. Because the stone or bead is set into the piece, the color of the metal acts similarly to the flecks or shimmers you might add. The reflection of the metal through and onto your stone or bead will add a bright silver undertone, or a gentle yellow or pink. You will notice this most with stones or pieces that are more transparent, which is important to remember.  

How do you track and manage my piece while in your studio? I want to be sure the inclusions in my piece are in fact my own!

At Marrow of My Soul I understand the gravity each inclusion sent to me has for my customers. I hold fast to strict procedures surrounding inclusion handling so you can be confident the piece you receive back incorporates the inclusions you originally entrusted me with. Meticulous labeling happens immediately upon your inclusions arriving at my studio. All orders are individually packaged throughout their journey, from beginning to completion and remain with your name, order number and order form at all times. Gemstones are also crafted in individually labeled molds to avoid confusion or mix up entirely. At Marrow of My soul I manage my sales volume month to month so that the correct care and attention can be given to the time and energy each piece requires and deserves. My guarantee is to produce professional, high quality pieces and my production standards gives me this capability. This also guarantees you receive the very best from me in all aspects, from start to finish. Feel free to read more about me and my philosophy.

If I’m unsure which flecks and shimmers to add in my gemstone, can you help me?

You bet. I have sourced a wide array of flecks, shimmers and additives available in my studio as displayed here. Some additives simply compliment certain inclusions better than others and I'm happy to help guide you in your selection. I also welcome the opportunity to create based on my own artist freedom. If you desire to go this route please indicate this by selecting “Artists Choice” in the drop down menu and confirming your color or final effect preference in the comments section at the time of your purchase.

What is your current wait time?

Currently my wait time is 8-10 weeks upon receiving your inclusions. It is advisable to ship your inclusions as soon as possible after purchase to ensure you receive your piece back in a timely fashion. Any delay in shipping to me may result in a longer wait time.

Do you offer refunds or cancellations?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of my production process cancellations and/or refunds will not be possible.  I take great pride in my work and the time and attention I give to each creation, therefore, if for some reason you are displeased with a piece you have purchased and received every effort will be made to rectify the issue or concern. 

What exactly is the size difference between all the Sienna Charm Bead options?

Left to Right: Dainty Round Charm Bead, Square Edged Barrel Charm Bead, Faceted Round Charm Bead and Large Round Charm Bead


How do I determine my ring size?

It is best to have your finger/s professionally sized by a local jeweller or jewellery store associate using ring sizing bands in as similar a width as possible to the ring you are purchasing. It is also desirable to size yourself later in the day when your fingers tend to be at their largest. You can refer to the sizing chart below which outlines the inner measurements of Marrow of My Soul’s four available ring sizes. Once you have been professionally sized the jeweller or store associate can do a quick in store calliper reading to confirm the size that best matches our available sizes. Please understand that ring sizing isn’t possible after the fact due to the nature and delicacy of your custom created gemstone. You must be 100% sure of your size prior to purchasing. Requested re-makes of a piece will be at full cost to the purchaser and repurposing of or exact duplication of your inclusion gemstone is absolutely not guaranteed.

Ring Sizing.png

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