Adding Shimmer to your keepsake is a great way to add color and interest in a subtle yet interesting way. Although a wide range of shimmers are available the following options pair the nicest across a full range of inclusions. 

White Shimmers: 

These Shimmers are unique in the way that they are a white base but color shift to be either Red, Blue, Green, Gold or Violet. They offer a very subtle color enhancement.


Golds are fantastic paired with an array of inclusions such as hair, flowers, placenta, umbilical cord and sand or soil.

Pearls and Silvers: 

Pearls and Silvers are beautiful utilized in Ashes if a more pure effect is your goal. Depending on the intensity of reflection you desire Pearl White is best for a light glint of color where as Micro Pearl offers a more bold sparkle. Silvers pair specifically well with Ashes to assist in enchanting their natural tone and color when high sparkle isn't desired.

Additional Colors: 

Additional colors from across the color spectrum are available upon request. When "Artist's Choice" is selected shimmers will generally be added to pieces in the color selection I deem most appropriate in order to best compliment your keepsake. If it is your desire to have a specific shimmer added to your keepsake but you don't see the color option here, please make your request at the time of processing your order under "Fleck and Shimmer Notes". 

Check out the Marrow of My Soul Keepsake Gallery for ideas.




Iridescent Flecks:

Due to their iridescent nature, these beauties are what add real fire and dimension to your keepsake. Iridescent flecks are best used in pieces that are more transparent to allow for maximum light to strike them in order to give you a full play of colors within your piece. For example, they pair well with placenta, umbilical cord, hair, and crushed flowers. Denser inclusions such as ashes, sand or soil and powdered flowers may not reveal their true brilliance as nicely. Pearl through to Cotton Candy area much lighter options and are a nice addition if it is your desire to add a colorful glow across your piece without actually adding any shimmer or tint colorant. Black Onyx through to Sapphire are lovely if you a more solid effect is desired.




Ah, who doesn't love a little bit of sparkle added to their lives? These sparkle options are great in addition to any Shimmer or Flecks seen above to add just a little extra "sparkle", of course. Additional color options may be available, please inquire upon check out under "Fleck and Simmer Notes".