Keepsake Jewellery

At the core of every person's life experience is the desire to have connection; to their past, to the present moment, to people, to those things they hold dear.

Marrow of My Soul Commemorative Keepsake Jewellery is a unique and sentimental way of honouring those cherished moments in our life through wearable hand crafted jewellery pieces. Through a carefully executed and trusted preservation process those special connections in our lives are never lost but carried with you by being encapsulated within a high quality, one of a kind Commemorative Keepsake Jewellery piece.

The creation of each Commemorative Keepsake emerges from the distinctive characteristics of each individual inclusion and are exclusive to the story it tells. No two pieces are alike, nor should they be. At Marrow of My Soul I take pride in making each piece uniquely different from the next. I offer only original and exclusive designs across my carefully curated collection. Choosing Marrow of My Soul as your Commemorative Keepsake Creator means you're receiving a truly hand touched and crafted heirloom quality piece of jewellery.

  All keepsakes are hand crafted in my Canadian based home studio. I respect the significance that each inclusion entrusted to me carries for my clients. Inclusions are diligently labelled and tracked from the moment they arrive and are respectfully cared for during their time in my studio.